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To access this beach you need to climb down a series of longish steps, but it’s well worth the effort.In fact, Legrena is one of the most popular beaches of Attica, but in the late afternoon, it’s a lot quieter.August 8, 2013 at pm Thanks to Astyanax for mentioning “The Duellists”.I saw the film when it first premiered in 1977, and since according to the Ny Times archive it only played here, I now know I visited the Fine Arts at least obviously he did a certain amount of research which makes the omission of The Trojan Woman bizarre.March 18, 2014 at pm Bigjoe59, I do know the book, and while it makes for very entertaining reading, it does have some sloppy research.June 8, 2013 at pm The Fine Arts had some interesting first run bookings in the 60s and 70s…the very first run of Mel Brooks' The Producers (my mom and I went on the first Monday at 11am), The Charge of the Light Brigade in road show (school trip on a Saturday morning), Fritz the Cat (day dating with the Victoria on Broadway), Truffaut’s Two English Girls…A neat little cluster of theatres with a similar purpose and audience – the Plaza, the Festival and the Fine Arts June 8, 2013 at pm This venue was unique in its ability to showcase foreign films as well as serious commercial fare.

It was built on the site of the old Café Society Uptown, and was first operated by Richard Davis, who later became a film importer. It was said to be the first theatre in the country to be designed specifically for motion picture and television presentation.

The description says it closed in ‘78, if true, it’s a shame.

So if you're into the Arab dating world, please be respectful to their cultures.… continue reading »

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