Is bosco wong still dating myolie wu speed dating berlin

08-Nov-2019 07:02

Myolie Wu accidentally admits to dating Bosco Wong After successfully filming “Fury Street Corner” last night, Myolie Wu, Joyce Tang, and Kevin Cheng were able to earn money, and thus treated the crew out for dinner.During that time, Myolie disclosed that she has plans to travel to Britain for vacation alone.Popular TVB series, Lives of Omission, will be entering its finale this week.Undercover Criminal Investigation Bureau police officer, Laughing Gor (portrayed by Michael Tse) will be facing Cripple Co (Bosco Wong) in a battle of wits.Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your stay here!

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When asked “Why don’t you introduce your boyfriend to you old friends? News Source: credits: L3nda @ https://hkentnews.I opened this site in order to translate news so that those who can't read Chinese can still keep themselves updated with Hong Kong entertainment news. Please remember to credit me by posting a link back to my page if you decide to re-post any of my translations onto other sites.

Myolie acknowledged that she moved close to Bosco’s home.

“Since the outside façade of my former apartment building was undergoing construction, it was very noisy and dusty.

Watching the show at home, Bosco’s girlfriend, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) did not grumble as working in the entertainment industry required trust.

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Moreover, her boyfriend knew what to do by establishing a “Two People Protection Unit” to guard the Garden of Eden.Deeply in love with lawyer, Kate Tsui, Cripple Co committed questionable actions in order to pay for her overseas education.