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Now that you have the mapping set up, the only thing left to do is to get a session (read: database connection) from your session Factory and save the user to the database.That’s right, you won’t write any SQL for that, Hibernate will do that for you: Similarly, there’s other methods that allow you to execute other SQL statements (like select, update, delete) without writing any SQL and without you having to map from Result Sets (like in the JDBC example) to your Java class, Hibernate will do that for you. HQL looks similar to SQL, but is focused on objects and actually SQL dialect independent.Hibernate doesn’t just offer simple mapping and querying features.Of course, the mappings and queries will be much more complex in real-life scenarios, than the ones you found above.

Read this guide to understand which database library makes sense for your project and development team.Also experiment with closing the connection and statements.If you are a bit lost, read through the corresponding Oracle Documentation.Especially in web applications you do not want to open up a fresh database connection for every user, rather you want to have a small pool of connections that are always open and that are shared between users. Some JDBC drivers, like the Oracle one, come with their own connection pool (UCP).

For other databases you need to download a connection pool yourself, and again you are hammered with a plethora of options in Java land. They are both rock solid, performant offer sane defaults and other nice convenience features.In addition, a Session Factory produces, who would have thought, Sessions.

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