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To set up a new flow: Every flow starts with a trigger.A trigger tells the chatbot what user input to listen for.It will also help you when you need to refer back to it from other actions.Next, set up a Filter to tell your bot which choice will activate the response.You’ll also learn how to test your chatbot in Facebook Messenger.If you don’t already have a free Flow XO account, get yours now. Your customers usually have questions about billing or tech support.Lydia Bot helps you collect money from several team mates at once. Just tell @Lydiabot "Ask X€ from @user1 and @user2", and the bot will take care of it for you.

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You’ll learn how to ask your user a question, then respond depending on the answer.Note: It’s a good idea give every action in your flow a clear name so that you find it later.The name you choose will display on the Flows page.Tell your bot which message to look in and what conditions to check for: Click Next when your filter is done. Now you need a similar response to the second option, in this case, “billing”.

Instead of creating an entirely new message, you can copy the previous response and edit it.

You can create a chatbot in Flow XO that will direct your customers to the type of product support they need. This will take you to Facebook Messenger where you can try your new chatbot.