Married dating northern virginia

25-Oct-2020 07:12

She’s very manipulative and will do anything to further herself in life. She’s constantly looking for someone who can better her life for her.She’s cheated on her current husband from day one , hoping to find another fool who will help her financially.She tends to go after men in uniform and doesn’t care if they’re married or single.She will blackmail and get money from unsuspecting men in order to satisfy her addictions.Smh I wish this cvnt could go viral it’s a disgrace and disgusting to even think about screwin at a place like that.Allen Hash in Elk Creek Virginia tries to establish himself as a man of decent character by telling women he is leader of a Army Reserve Unit in Galax Virgina and a law enforcement officer for DMV in Bland Virginia and a part-time postal carrier.This man went as far as to tell me how boring and unsatisfying he found sex with his wife, Brenda, and how he didn’t want any type relationship with her when all the while she is apparently right there unsuspecting and trying to put up with him. Luckily I saw through his lies before I was in too deep. She makes sure to only do the deed on company time so she’s home in time to not make him suspicious.Needless to say she has bounced around from job to job every year or so.

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After a we were dating for a while, she contacted him and asked him if he was still dating me, and stated that it didn’t matter, she would fuk him anyways. My husband had started a job in October 2018 which was known as The Crossings at Blacksburg at the time.

Right, cares so much he is out chatting up women for sex and sending nude photos of himself. Shamelessly cheated on husband of over a decade with a man(??? This sloot carried on a two year affair with a married father of four, convincing him to get a burner phone so she could sext him when he told her not to text him.

His wife apparently used to his cheating ways is on him fast and puts everything on Facebook indicating he is a repeat offender. God only knows how many other men she’s been screwing behind her husband’s back.

She likes them married or single and gravitates toward military or law enforcement officers. Ironically , her current husband was in the navy also.

She is a narcissist who can’t hold a job and lures men into taking care of her needs.Then he plays victim to an unhappy marriage with his wife Brenda begs for a shoulder to cry on.

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