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20-Jan-2020 03:22

Our mission at our Meet-2-Fuck dating site is simple and easy: we want to help as many horny individuals as we can get a piece of ass!

It really does not matter if it is a quicky for one night or a sex filled open relationship everybody and anybody can make a local connection here.

-Hello, you must be Ava Steele.- he said kindly.-Yes, thats me, nice to meet you.-I said with a smile as we shook our hands. I don't know why, but I got weird vibes from this guy, like he was flirting with me. -Okay, I think I'm going to take this one.- I said smiling -Great!

he showed me a couple of apartments until I found it. It was big, but not too big, it had a wonderful backyard and it was like specially made for me. We just need to do some paperwork and we're done.- he said searching for the papers I needed to sign.

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Some people refer to it as a "booty call" and others prefer to use the term "friend with benefits" but in the end it all comes down to the same thing: having somebody you get along with in a friendly fucking manner that is available to text and bang when you start feeling frisky. Just picture Austin Powers saying "do I make you HORNY baby" for the answer to that question.

I decided to change since i was just wearing sweatpants and a white T-shirt.

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Ava's POV I figured I should probably go to Emma's apartment to check on her. - I said as I took her hand and carried her to her bed.-Thanks babe.- she quietly said, moved her long hazel hair from her face and chuckled.

If you are a really lucky fucker and get a fuck buddy to sleep with on a regular basis that would be one hell of an orgasm jackpot...

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