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Well, I’d play anything in bed with Antonio myself, but the scene fails big time and is far from a tender moment of romance between two lovers – its’ a joke. Her son ends up investigating Tommy and is part of an FBI stakeout to watch his movements.The movie ends revealing he’s really not a bad boy after all. He kisses Meg’s Joker smile, and they live happily ever after.

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Some shots were glancing seconds or side and back views. Even with makeup head on, and hair that kept falling into her face and obscuring her looks, it didn’t help to hide what had happened to Meg Ryan’s face.Looking beyond the physical changes to Meg, I cannot say that this movie had very many redeeming qualities rather than being a mildly entertaining romantic comedy.It played very limited worldwide, no doubt flopped, and then went straight to DVD in the United States.Following her treatment, she was able to reconnect with her ex-husband, Don Johnson.

The two had been married briefly in 1976 when she was 18, and they remarried in 1989."The minute I met him, I had this mad f--cking teenage crush on him!

One day her son, who turned out well and has a career with the FBI (played by Colin Hanks-Tom Hanks’ son), leaves on a hush-hush mission.