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28-Oct-2019 19:42

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That’s the message some “online trolls” conveyed to Oswalt, following his announcement last week that he was getting married again.His fiancé is actress Meredith Salenger who confirmed the engagement with this tweet: It's official.“Who gave you the position to judge when it’s ‘too soon’ for a person who has suffered the worst to be able to find happiness and companionship again? ” Roman added that Oswalt’s decision to move on isn’t a sign of weakness or neediness but of “strength and courage.” “Unlike most, those who have been widowed are hyper aware that everyone they see will someday die,” she said.“We know intimately that the price of love is pain.So if you see a widow or widower overcome that knowledge and choose to open their heart to that pain once again, instead of judging, you should be celebrating their bravery and fortitude.That much courage deserves a freaking parade.” She concluded that the new spouse doesn’t replace the one who has died.

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“Wife dies in her sleep and he’s married a year later? However, instead of trying to articulate his anger, he posted a scorching commentary from a widow and blogger named Erica Roman who explained why Oswalt isn’t moving on too soon — as if it’s anyone’s business.

In the post titled, “A Widow’s Rage Defense of Patton Oswalt’s Engagement,” Roman explains that she normally doesn’t follow the love lives of celebrities, but she couldn’t help but become familiar with Oswalt’s situation, as her husband died unexpectedly within three days of Oswalt’s wife.

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