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02-Nov-2019 02:19

They know the immediate value and benefits they get in attracting women from my programs.And they know that procrastination tends to be the hallmark of fear and failure, while TAKING ACTION IMMEDIATELY is the philosophy of the most successful. I simply cannot forget what I went through before I learned how toattract women, and so I can truly relate to any other man who faces this challenge.And this was an area that absolutely NO ONE seemed to have a CLUE about in terms of anything that actually WORKED.I know what it took for me to COMMIT to learning these skills and getting this part of my life handled.And now, after years of newsletters, there is now the greatest new advance in attraction technology history since The Dating Wizard was first released thirteen years ago.

I still remember freezing my butt off in the cold in winter walking around downtown for hours till my face and fingers were numb, trying to attract women with all kinds of strategies that proved to be fruitless.

The written word allows more detail, more nuance, more explanation, and it can be more easily analyzed for truth, since every word is in front of you.

That is another reason why I dedicated myself to writing these new insights, strategies, and techniques for attracting women into one STELLAR book.

It’s not enough to be charitable, virtuous, kind, or any other noble trait.

You must also appeal to women on a raw, visceral, intensely sexual level. Of course, it also includes my latest breakthroughs on the other aspects of attraction, to keep you well-rounded for overall success with women, but because of the current challenge men have with sexually attracting women, this book is particularly focused on triggering sexual attraction in women.

And the frustration I would feel, only to then see some gorgeous woman on the arm of another man.