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18-Oct-2020 18:01

Hello readers, In this post I will take an extensive look at a set of fields that report progress in the schedule.I will have a close look at the Percentage complete entities within Microsoft Project There are % complete, % work complete fields and then there is also something called Physical % complete.I use Microsoft Project Professional 2013, but the functionality is the same in older versions.The simplest version of monitoring progress in a schedule is the percent (%) complete field.So don’t worry, you will not need to learn a new skill set.However, it would be wise to get a company policy in place for progress reports.The following description comes from the Microsoft help file: “Here’s a simple example of how the % complete values may differ, based on the earned value method you use.Say you’re building a stone wall that consists of 100 stones stacked in 5 rows. However, the second row takes you 25 minutes because you have to lift the stones up one row higher.

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Here is a reflection of that noted down in a few screenshots: This first on is real simple, I have a task with no assignments on it and no costs associated with it.

March 2016 update —————— Raphael Santos, Consultant at Sensei Project Solutions, is kind enough to provide a translated version of this post in Portuguese. Oh Microsoft, such sweet words, but now let’s see it in action!