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28-Feb-2020 04:36

The culture owes its name to the locality of Okunev, in the south of Khakassia, where the first burial site of this type was excavated in 1928.The Okunev Steles - anthropomorphous stone columns several meters tall - are the most widely known monument attributed to this culture.Archeologists see this as an indication that Okunev people may have migrated to Khakassia from the south.Does this mean modern-day Native Americans originated from Kazakhstan and not southern Siberia, as previously thought? The stone roofs of some graves on a burial hill at Itkol II also bear chiseled images - known as Okunev faces.Undisturbed by pillaging grave robbers, the burial site of the woman, also containing the remains of a child, offers a wealth of clues about the life of these ancient people.

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'We have not encountered anything like this in other burials from this time, and it leads us to suggest that the items in her grave had some ritual meaning.The intriguing find of the remains of a 'noblewoman' from the ancient Okunev Culture was made in the Republic of Khakassia.