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29-Oct-2019 20:58

Wether it was someone masturbating or playing an instrument, people log on and are free to act out any kind of behaviour.The argument followed that that this ability would be an ultimate achievement for online interactivity, social interaction at its finest.

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The common obligations of having to give away personal information for registration on social networking sites, does not exist, neither could one report activities as well as there never having been a dress code to abide by.

Now the question is what reactions these new alterations would bring?

There is still no active registration necessary , yet one does risk the ability of being reported, which naturally suggests that a form of monitoring exist.

The administrators of the site have now decided to address the matter of nudity and perverted behavior on the popular forum, doing this through some slight adjustments to the login page.

In a very short and concise manner, it is encouraged that the users remain fully clothed.Such interactions which force us to act accordingly to the norms and expectations of our communities.