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30-Dec-2019 23:25

An international team of researchers has discovered a new material which, when rolled into a nanotube, generates an electric current if exposed to light.

Lightest neutrino is at least 6 million times lighter than an electron.Biobased carbon testing, however, cannot distinguish the specific botanical origin of natural linalool or identify synthetic linalool manufactured from beta-Pinene, a by-product of the paper industry. Synthetic Thymol​ Thyme essential oil has many medicinal properties.It contains thymol which gives the essential oil its antiseptic properties.Given their wide range of applications and the increasing trend to favor “natural” products, there is great demand for essential oils in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and drinks industries.

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Essential oils are expensive to produce, and with their increasing popularity has come the more readily available synthetic versions often denoted as fragrance oil.Essential oils are concentrated essences of plants extracted through distillation or pressing.