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05-Nov-2019 09:14

Everyone’s favorite corporate-driven holiday is here, and for the fortunate among you with significant others, that means a day of love, gifts and celebration.

For everyone else, it probably means looking for love, and there’s no easier way to do that than with online dating apps.

Chocolates and flowers are fine, but this Valentine’s Day, wants to give you a far more valuable gift.

Admittedly, it’ll be like getting socks for Christmas, but if you didn’t have them, you’d be walking around with blisters every day (or just look like an unbearable hipster).

It was a hacktivist stunt to expose Grindr’s shoddy security.

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Most dating scams can be avoided by deciphering what’s what on the internet.Grindr not only exposed millions of users’ personal data but also shared their HIV status with third-parties.