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López de Legazpi would go on to marry Isabel and have nine children with her. Between 15, he worked as a leader of the financial department council and as the civil governor of Mexico City.

In 1564, López de Legazpi was commissioned by the viceroy, Luis de Velasco, to lead an expedition in the Pacific Ocean, to find the Spice Islands where the earlier explorers Ferdinand Magellan and Ruy López de Villalobos had landed in 15, respectively.

López de Legazpi and his men sailed the Pacific Ocean for 93 days.

In 1565, they landed in the Mariana Islands, where they briefly anchored and replenished their supplies.

He recruited 250 Spanish soldiers and 600 native warriors to explore the regions of Leyte and Panay.

The following year, he followed Goiti and Salcedo in Manila, after learning that the villages had been conquered.

There they fought with Chamorro tribes and burned several huts.

Bambalito and his fleet had lost the battle, and after disputes and hostility had erupted between the two groups, the Spaniards occupied the Islamized states of Tondo and Maynila.

He proclaimed the town as the island's capital, and the seat of the Spanish government in the East Indies.