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27-Sep-2020 05:44

This page on the Plex website describes exactly how to name your movies, TV shows, music and anything else you want to add to your server.Follow this formatting exactly and your media should always show up.This is about the images next to your movie or TV show and the description that comes with it.To refresh all metadata in Plex: You can do the same with entire TV series, album or artist using the same method.If you turn on Server Debug logging, and the logfile 'com.plexapp.agents.themoviedb.log' shows the following error: URLError: I also added a new entry for my servers FQDN as it was suggested that this could cause issues, so it couldn't hurt to add that to.

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I refreshed my entire library and actually lost posters that were there and they are showing as black.Forcing a refresh in Plex tells the Plex Media Server to scan for changes in your libraries so it can collect metadata on it all.This is not about the media itself, that’s a scan which we cover in a minute.Manual scan in Plex: You perform these scans and refresh steps in Plex to have media and its metadata populate so you can watch your content. While it can work with media that doesn’t conform to these conventions, it isn’t guaranteed.

But what if you have added content to the correct library folder on your computer, performed a scan and it doesn’t show up? If media isn’t showing up this is usually the first thing to check.

I attempted this fix, but nothing changed and I am still missing new and some older posters.