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Join Our Free Chat and Take The Parenting Bible Quiz --- I don't think that teens should be allowed to date. There's nothing wrong with such a couple meeting at a party or other properly chaperoned event, but they should not date as older teens do. I think its very appropraite, a nice innocent relationship wont hurt anybody, its just puppy love.

However, they should be guided and told how to date so that they will know when they reach adulthood. however Arianaflower only causing strife and the only post by this "poster"society especially in america has decayed to be morally hollow ...liberal agenda screams its non-stop do as you please essentially teaching people to have NO character and accept NO responsibility for their actions ...which creates lazy inept parenting ...parents who lack any moral fiber to provide discipline and boundaries and more importantly intellectual discovery for their children innocent crushes will happen HOWEVER adults who EXPLOIT these "crushes" allowing their children to experiment with adult relationships is truly sad that society has reached a new low If the kids don't go anywhere without parents, I suppose they can call it "dating" if they want...makes them feel more grown up to say that. Pre-teens also need their breathing space and freedom, they are growing up.

and its not like they will get MARRIED or anything. i wrote a letter, she agreed and one year later i travelled to her house arived and married the next day. We as parents must do our jobs and then move back and see if all of our sturggles have paid off.

we never dated, but i can assure you that we have the greatest marriage for eleven years now. Children should not be allowed to date until roughly 16 when they can 'reason' through "do I really like ___or am I just hot for___".

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Having a boyfriend and an innocent puppy love relationship at minimum 11 years old is totally fine and normal for a middle schooler. i married my wife, without knowing here, i met her on mission where she translated me Four weeks, i prayed and God confirmed. After a certain point we as parents will have to let up and trust our teens. At some point teens should be held accountable for what they do.Plus if parents just drop them off at the mall or any place anything can happen to them for there are many un Godly people that can harm and you never know if the boyfriend/girlfriend is un Godly as well.