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A nasty divorce leads to a disgruntled parent’s coercive maneuvering of a child into a weapon? Down in these parts there is a form of evidence called “testimonial” and anyone can become the not so proud owner of a sex charge based on victim statements alone.

No medical or physical evidence required, and in this neck of the woods inmates with sex charges are a majority.

Comprising 1/10th of the population, Catholics and Protestants have united through rallies and letters by religious leaders who fear China’s communist authoritarianism. Hong Kongers go up against one of the most fearsome military regimes on the planet to defend their existential freedoms.

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The name “Helluva” conjured images of wanton pleasure, albeit unacceptable from the prison officials’ standpoint, yet carnal from those who spoke and fantasized about the man with the moniker.

This term becomes universal for any and all inmates with a sex offense.

You were 18 and your girlfriend was a week away from 18 herself?

His shy and demure demeanor only raised my hackles more. Helluva came to prison with what society deems the most heinous of crimes: a sex charge.

Generally, unaffected by such talk and the lifestyle that goes with it, the contradiction I would come to see in the following months it’d take me to make his acquaintance urged me to do something, speak up, anything to right the wrongs I’d normally overlook. He walked into this gated community with the conviction that since his decisions resulted in his creation of an unwitting victim, then should he himself become victimized, he was only getting his just desserts. In prison, the greatest of all insult is a “cho-mo,” shortened slang for a child molester.

They’re willing to give their lives for their freedom, what do we do for ours?