Radiometric dating evidence evolution fun dating ideas atlanta

26-Dec-2019 00:41

Similarly, some rocks return radiometric “ages” twice as old as the accepted age for earth.Most rocks return conflicting radiometric “ages.” In these cases, researchers select results that match what they already believe about earth’s age (see the section Brand New Rocks Give Old “Ages” for details of this study and several others like it).They instead use selected radioactivity results to confirm what they need to see.As discussed in previous chapters, this viewpoint, being secular, contradicts God’s stated Word in Genesis and even the Ten Commandments, where He wrote with His own hand that He created the heavens, Earth, sea, and all that is in them in six days (Exodus ).As any judge in court will attest, eyewitness records record the past more accurately.

Keep in mind that while this chapter reviews the technical details behind radiometric dating, only two very basic but completely catastrophic “fatal flaws” undermine radiometric dating.

This is called relative age dating, the first step.

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