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31-Jul-2020 19:00

She is a person with lots of secrets, and her son’s privacy comes at first.A little investigation of Rashida’s life after being a mom reveals that Rashida rarely has been spotted with her baby.When people don’t know “what” you are, you get your heart broken daily.KIDADA: Rashida has it harder than I do: She can feel rejection from both parties.Being born to talented parents like Rashida and musician father, Ezra, Isaiah has got a bundle of opportunities to have a great future ahead.Since his mother is a renowned actress, he can have career opportunities in entertainment industries.KIDADA: The fact that Rashida was good at school while I was dyslexic intimidated me and pushed me more into my defiant role. RASHIDA: About this time, Kidada was replacing me with younger girls from Fairfax who she could lead and be friends with. Hit the flip for that and to see actual scans from the story.

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I started putting pressure on Mommy to let me go to a mostly black public school. I wore my navy blue jumper and crisp white blouse; K wore baggy Adidas sweatsuits and door-knocker earrings. I’m with Bill Cosby: It’s every bit as black as it is white to be a nerd with a book in your hand. It sounds like the Jones girls had quite an interesting upbringing, but it’s clear that Kidada always knew she was attracted to black men and Rashida was more open to “others.” Still, we thought it interesting that Rashida says she never tried to be what she wasn’t but later in the story she describes how once she went to college at Harvard she “chose” her black side and created an identity to “fit in” with the black crowd there.

Rashida Jones’ son Isaiah Jones Koenig was born on August 22, 2018.

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