Robert wagner and stefanie powers dating

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It was only in her absence that he fell off the wagon, clearly encouraged by his old drinking buddies such as his accountant Frank Schappe, with whom he would go on binges for several days.After another drinkfuelled incident she and two friends finally persuaded him to join Alcoholics Anonymous.Powers recalls her first encounter with Holden at a New Year’s Eve party thrown by Dominick Dunne and his wife Lennie, to which she was taken by her friend, costume designer Moss Mabry.

“I thought all that has ever been written about Bill is going to remain the standard by which everybody judges him,” she explains.“I walked out to where the cars would drop off or pick up passengers,” she says.“I saw Bill standing next to his Mercedes-Benz with a motorcycle cop talking to him.It did not look like a social conversation.” In fact Holden was drunk. That evening when Powers looked in on him while he was having a nap she found him convulsing from alcohol poisoning.Little did she know that she had a tiger by the tail. He had begun drinking as a young actor, through insecurity and doubt that beset many in the business.

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It didn’t dawn on her that there might be a problem until she arrived at Palm Springs to reunite with Holden after their first week together and he wasn’t at the airport to meet her.I’ve just shot Audrey Hepburn.”This was more significant than Powers may have realised at the time.