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When the Romans refused to hand over the Fabii and in fact appointed two members of the family as consuls for the next year, the enraged Gauls broke up their siege and under the leadership of Brennus they marched onto and subsequently sacked Rome.If you're planning to visit - or even settle down in - the Italian capital, you'll likely want to blend in as much as possible.Ar, -arasi, -aras are plural endings of different cases. The final resolution of the question waits for more evidence.It is believed that Clusium joined the Etruscan League of twelve cities in the 600s BC.In 507 BC Rome's hostages and lands were restored, and peace between Rome and Porsena was cemented. In 508 BC, after the siege of Rome, Porsena split his forces and sent part of the Clusian army with his son Aruns to besiege the Latin city of Aricia.

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For example, the ancient sources describe the tomb of Lars Porsena at Clusium as well as the sacking and levelling of the city by Sulla.

Both attempts had been unsuccessful, the conspiracy having been discovered, and Tarquin's army having been defeated at the Battle of Silva Arsia.

Tarquin convinced Lars Porsena to lead his army against Rome.

Rome was also accessed by the via Cassia, which was built over an Etruscan road.

By the time it appears in Livy's History, it is already a major Etruscan city being petitioned for assistance against the republican partisans of ancient Rome. One common type is a cinerary urn dating to the 8th century BC.

In the early 4th century BC (391 BC according to Varronian chronology) it was besieged by Gauls, and the Clusines called upon Rome to intermediate.

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