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17-Jan-2020 09:43

Revenge is temporarily back with its creator, Nick Butler, for some re-assembly work prior to being shipped down to Spain where it will live with its owner whilst he finishes rebuilding it. Miste R Tee ---- Also the ,bear with me on this cos I m not exactly sure on the details, ex Dave Haskell Y or " the Duchess" Y , if they are nt the same is languishing in a local lock uo where its been for about 13 years.

It sused to be many colours through the years , black and silver when he bough it . It featured E type jag rear , Rover V8 and viva front.

Devon delivery ( Derek Chapmans old van ), is in the middle of a rebuild and may be for sale shortly And after a quick soak (!

) Ray Austins little blue Y roadster is abroad along with his Blue /Pink 32B 3 w. Pip Biddlecombes stagecoach ( who remembers that one ) became the Belchs Beers wagon and then disappeared.

John Crosses old 31 A was won in a competition and went to Ireland , now brought back and living in Manchester area.Nero Video 2018 will win you over with its sophisticated streaming features: Would you like to play slide shows or videos on your TV, music from your media library on your smartphone, or videos on your tablet?All that’s possible with the free Nero Streaming Player App.Keith Dores old candy red B coupe is in Southern Ireland. John Cross s Black Rose was about still 10 years back but now fitted with a Rover V8 and jag rear ,it was to undergo a repaint so ??

Ray Evans showinning ( Belle Vue) straight 6 T is still sat in his garage.

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