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08-Sep-2020 07:39

The 70mm bore meant the engine could use much of the top end technology of the 350 Bullet, including the pistons and combustion chamber design.

The Meteor's 90mm stroke was also borrowed from the Bullet, conveniently being about the maximum that could fit in the existing 500 Twin crankcases.

The vertically split engine cases included a separate compartment holding four Imperial pints of engine oil, creating a dry sump engine with an internal oil tank.

The oil was circulated by Enfield's unique reciprocating, double-acting piston pump with a replaceable felt filter.

Suddenly, space jargon and images were everywhere, reflected in the shape of everything from appliances to auto tail fins.

And while it aped many of the characteristics of the other British parallel twins, it had some exclusive Enfield features.The 500 Twin was smooth and reasonably quick, weighing 390 pounds dry and making 25 horsepower, giving it 85mph potential, according to period reports.