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That's because XML has emerged as the standard for exchanging data across disparate systems, and Java technology provides a platform for building portable applications.This partnership is particularly important for Web services, which promise users and application developers program functionality on demand from anywhere to anywhere on the Web.Let's look at JAXB in action, and compare it to SAX and DOM-based processing.Suppose you need to develop a Java application that accesses and displays data in XML documents such as SAX requires much less memory than DOM since SAX does not create an internal tree structure of the XML data, as a DOM does. In the following we are going to see a demo application which output all SAX events.

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You could use the SAX or DOM approach to access an XML document and then display the data. In that case, you would need to: After unmarshalling, your program can access and display the data in the XML document simply by accessing the data in the Java content objects and then displaying it.

Schema: A schema is an XML specification that governs the allowable components of an XML document and the relationships between the components.

For example, a schema identifies the elements that can appear in an XML document, in what order they must appear, what attributes they can have, and which elements are subordinate (that is, are child elements) to other elements.

This mechanism is frequently used to transmit and receive XML documents. When using the SAX parser we provide the callback methods, and the parser invokes them as it reads the XML data.

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SAX is a state independent processing, where the handling of an element does not depend on the other elements. In SAX we cannot go back to an earlier part of the document and we can only process element by element, one by one from the start to the end.Now developers have another Java API at their disposal that can make it easier to access XML documents: Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB).

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That's because XML has emerged as the standard for exchanging data across disparate systems, and Java technology provides a platform for building portable applications.… continue reading »

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