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15-Sep-2019 04:27

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Tina Fey and scholar James Franco are some of the hottest names in Hollywood—and they're as smart as they are eye-catching.

But for ordinary eggheads, the intellect that serves so well in the boardroom might need an assist in the bedroom."Intelligence is negatively associated with sex frequency," says Rosemary Hopcroft, a sociologist at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

(Or at least, they're half as likely to admit it, points out Anjani Chandra, a health scientist and demographer at the Centers for Disease Control.)Why? She thinks the smartest kids might hold off on sex because they're thinking through its potential consequences.

But that doesn't tell the whole story: The same bright teens are just as likely to postpone relatively innocuous activities like kissing.

That's fine for scholarly teens, but why are the brightest adults still getting the least action?

Life history theory, which examines how species have evolved different reproductive strategies to survive, offers a possible explanation.

"She's not implying that gifted kids are homely rejects—Halpern, along with other researchers analyzing the link between sex and intelligence, controls for attractiveness, personal grooming, and affability, and the observed effect still holds.

It might be a question of priorities: "Pursuing education takes up a lot of time," Chandra says.

"All in all, sex is a wonderful form of expression for many psychological and physiological reasons." 3.

People with high executive functioning—in judgment, decision-making, and impulse control—usually have what's called a slow life history strategy, notes Aurelio José Figueredo, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Arizona: They tend to have fewer partners and less sex but more resources (such as money and status) to invest in potential offspring.

Geniuses hoping to lead lives of passion and promiscuity might be disappointed, but it's not all bad news—at least for men.

The vast majority of these books end up in the hands of my friends, neighbors, and the homeless people who collect the free crap I put out on my stoop so they can sell it off their sidewalk blankets. Many of these books are books about girls who are in love or want to be or whatever — which do not seem to contain any information that would be informative or entertaining for you or me.

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I don't want to bore you guys — or myself — with a bunch of nonsense that might fill a post for the day, but will not leave any of us a little wiser, a little happier, or a little more ahead of the game.

"It's a bit dismaying."And people with higher education levels generally have lower numbers of sexual partners.

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