Sims social dating steady

24-Sep-2020 09:28

For example, Close Friend action possibilities includes social interactions from Good Friends, Friends, and Acquaintances, but not from any mean-spirited relationships, like Sort Of Friends.

When the relationship meter between two Sims reaches either end of the spectrum (high or low), most of the time the player is prompted to request a new relationship status from the other player.

Unlocked by wearing the Rayure Marine Neckerchief and using the action 'Voulez Vous Woohoo avec Moi' or wearing the Naughty Tail or Dark Wings and using the action 'Feeling Naughty? Requires that you were either Sort of Friends and have been doing friendly interactions, or that you were Friends and let your relationship passively degrade.

You do not need to request confirmation via Facebook to achieve this level.

A bug in the system can cause a relationship request to fail to be sent.

A faster solution, however, is to reach a different relationship level, which cancels the initial relationship request.

Requires that you first be Inseparable and be doing either romantic or friendly interactions to upgrade.