Speed dating in the city

13-Oct-2020 21:55

They firmly believed having standards is a good and necessary part of dating, and so they created specific themes to narrow the dating pool to desirable types of people.From firefighters to blonde women, teachers to men with accents, these themes run the gamut and have become wildly popular.Amber said the company’s firefighter-themed Rescue Me events spurred the team to create more events for everyday heroes in uniform.“There is something about a man in uniform,” she said.“We finally tied the knot on April Fools of this year, and on June 22nd we brought what will be our our first and only baby into the world,” she said. I am 42, so it just goes to show that it can happen for women at any age.” On Speed Dating has positioned itself as a quality-first dating solution for professional, city-dwelling singles who know exactly what they want.Its themed events weed out dealbreakers in appearance, political views, interests, professions, and other criteria to set participants up for success.This guarantee incentivizes the team to hustle and ensure singles sign up for a dating adventure unlike any other.

In 2008, she and another single friend started hosting themed speed dating events in New York City in hopes of attracting the types of people they wanted to date.Singles can go into these events confident that they’ll meet someone they find attractive — and that participants will find them attractive as well.Amber said she is excited to roll out quality-controlled themes that raise the bar for singles events and create a more opportunity-rich lineup of men and women.Today, her company hosts over 100 types of events in New York City and Austin and has signed up over 60,000 members.

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On Speed Dating was the first US dating service to offer themed speed dating and categorize participants by something other than age and location.

For instance, On Speed Dating’s Founder Amber Soletti wanted to date tall men, so they organized an event called Size Matters where men had to be at least 6 feet tall to attend.