Steam randomly validating game files

04-Aug-2020 19:28

So I clicked the Verify thing and I could play Stanley pabs again! TF2 decided to redownload 3 GB on my desktop for no apparent reason.EDIT4: Once again deleted everything but steamapps folder, no difference.EDIT5: Problem also affects CS: S, HL2: DM, Do D: S, and both Left 4 Dead games.

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It's beginning to detect files that are not there, and attempts to redownload them.After messing with this all day Sunday (TF2 died on me on Thursday, but I didnt get around to fixing it for a few days because I installed a new 580 and was messing with it), I found out an alternate way of handling this is to copy and paste the files from my laptop directly into my steamapps folder. It just keeps validating the files without ever finding a problem with them, and it won't open up the game. I tried reinstalling TF2 again, this time via a backup I made and transferred over via the router instead of using DVDs. I removed all files from my steam folder except those in steamapps.