Suspend bitlocker before updating bios

24-Sep-2019 20:30

Once you are ready to update BIOS, no hesitate to click “Download File” and begin to download and save the file to your Dell computer.

When it is downloaded, just double click the icon on your computer desktop. Follow the prompt on the screen and then to complete the installation.

It is the first software your PC loads so that is able to use things like CD drives and keyboards practically from the moment you turn it on.

Like OS and driver editions, the BIOS update includes feature enhancements or changes that may help to keep your system software compatible with other systems.

From experience, when attempting this manually, it forces a bitlocker recovery process to begin - we manually key in the AD recovery key. Can it be automated via MBAM, so one could roll out bios updates via Config Mgr with out disrupting the end user?

The reason Bitlocker goes into recovery on BIOS systsems is that the boot environment is part of the PCRs that Bitlocker checks.You can, technically, still use manage-bde -disable command to disable Bitlocker, if you didn't want to use the Native TS ' Suspend Bitlocker'.“Hey guys, I have a Dell notebook running Windows 10.When Secure Boot is available on the system, Bitlocker leverages Secureboot for about 80% of the checks it does.

When updating firmware, Secure Boot still says "everything A-OK" after update, so Bitlocker does not go into recovery.

Wanted to post here, is this something with a new version of bit Locker?