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15-Jan-2020 11:30

Taylor's gorgeous and was a first crush of mine back in the day. Anyway, they've got a new album due out in a few weeks (already out in Japan) for those that follow their music. i remember a website where they called taylor the gay one, zac the fat one, and isaac the disposable one. there was one real topless pic of im on the pool or something in that way. but i cant find it anymore;( its funny that people always think if someone is marrid and has kids he cant be gay anymore..thats so untrue!

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Also the cum on his mouth and in his mouth clearly isn't painted in so I'd say the chance of it being real is over 80%.

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I like Taylor, and nice to see him getting some mention here, but I've never seen a real shirtless of him.

The freckles and moles match up and while it's possible someone could have gone to that much detail it's unlikely.

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When the blowjob photo popped up it went across the fan groups like wild fire and Hansons official website had to squelch it fast and create a bunch of rules threatening to ban and delete members who even TALKED about it. lol They've been caught doing pot, Kathy Griffin has outted Taylor twice, knowing the guys he's fucked around with in New York, Ike was a big time alcoholic and Zac is a huge pot-head.

Well if the forum admin thinks that discussing Taylor Hanson who is now 25 years old is violating the rules I'm sure he'll let me know.