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20-Jun-2020 00:00

Risky behaviors may increase the rates of negative outcomes such as HIV, STDs, or unwanted pregnancy.The International Association of Fire Fighters identifies several risky sexual behaviors.If you or your girlfriend gets pregnant, are you ready to deal with the consequences?Some sexual behaviors come with higher physical, mental, and emotional risks than others.Many factors may affect a teen's choice to engage in sexual behaviors.The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) identifies multiple factors that may influence teens.

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Consider some of these issues before acting on sexual impulses: Remember also that no form of birth control, other than abstinence, comes with a 100 percent guarantee against pregnancy.According to the Heritage Foundation, abstinence-only programs are important for the following reasons: The efficacy of abstinence-only programs is hotly debated. Social scientists have studied the issue in depth, and many youth health organizations have weighed in on the topic. Your mind may tell you one thing while your body is suggesting something else. These are just a few of the many questions you may be asking as you consider entering a sexual relationship.

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