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It would be a good idea to find a Rabbi whom you both respect and whose rulings you both can agree to accept.Commandment #6: Have A Low Tolerance for Abuse If your prospective mate broke a confidence, was deceitful in any major way or was abusive, this is a bad sign that there will be future problems.The commandments themselves are recited, and there are many references to God and the need for belief.As with the movies, how parents respond to religious content will no doubt determine whether or not they encourage their kids to see this. He wouldn't allow the Jews to be free people and leave Egypt. No calling or texting at night to cite every injustice that has occurred within a hundred miles of said school. Don't call and berate someone to the big bad wolf (principal) before allowing your teacher to explain or listen to your concerns. Teachers buy Goldfish, but it would be awfully expensive to feed nearly two dozen kids snack every day. If your child goes to school and reports that you were asleep or couldn't find a writing utensil, the teacher will be forced to muffle evil thoughts. The main thing is not the practice, but if you share common values.For example, if one person is more yeshivish and the other more Torah Umaddah style, if both are serious about avodas Hashem, the details can be resolved.

We know it's easy to say and a lot harder to do, but it's the plain and simple truth.Coming from someone who has a not-so-perfect record, I am going to do my best this year – starting now. Just check in every so often – a friendly email or quick hello. Thou shall not take responsibility for child’s homework. Just a couple minutes of no talking and an open mind from the person who spends 40 plus hours per week with your child. So often, teachers only hear from parents if there is an issue or question. When a shidduch is being suggested, of course you are trying to find out about the individual, but make sure to ask yourself is this the kind of family I would be comfortable with?

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Are the brothers, sisters and parents the kind of people that will eventually feel to me like my own family?After the date you can spend as much time analyzing it as you would like.

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