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Luckily, there was no damage to her eye, and would just be some bruising and swelling around it.When dating someone with children, you just never know when you’re going to need to step up!We’re not into online dating because it takes away that thrilling feeling of meeting someone for the first time and connecting to them on a genuine level.INFJs love to search for deeper meanings into things which is why there’s nothing like an intellectual conversation.Have you ever considered dating someone with children? What are some things you have learned by dating someone with children?How we first meet will be us coming up to you and saying hello with trembling voices full of excitement, curiosity, and anxiety.We enjoy letting it all out through artistic things like pottery, writing, music, etc. Because we’d rather have a fun and memorable date than one where we interrogate each other all night.Things like salsa dancing will allow us to get to know you better because we’re both getting out of our comfort zones. Like what our marriage might look like, what our kids could look like, what their names would be, and what our divorce might look like.

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As amazing as my relationship is with my step-children today, it wasn’t always the case.

There may be times when your partner is running late and may need you pick up his/her kids from school or make them dinner.

Those are just a few little things that seem like no big deal, but there may also be bigger situations that you need to be prepared for as well.

Whether your partner's relationship with the other parent is on good terms or not, sometimes when dating someone with children things just don’t go as planned.

Kids get sick or hurt and dad/mom might get called away from date night to help out.

A bond isn’t going to happen overnight, but you should always show your partner’s children love and respect.