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21-Nov-2019 10:39

Perhaps it’s the rubber ring around the phone, but the Curve feels decidedly higher quality than its little brother.RIM obviously has a balancing act on their hands with the keypad and phone design, they have to keep the device wide enough so the keypad is useable but narrow enough so it still feels good in the hand.If you are a Gnome user it's all you need because they have added auto rotation support to the settings, however if you use Unity then it still won't work.The solution is a script that uses iio-sensor-proxy to monitor and trigger the rotation instead of doing it by hand.At the bottom of the door is the release, which is flanked by two gold contacts that charge the battery in an optional cradle. The battery can be tricky to remove - you have to get your nails in the top, push down towards the bottom of the phone a bit and pry it out - which is troubling because that is where the is located.

We’ll be taking a look at the Curves offered by both Verizon and Sprint. Both versions have a black, rubbery trim running along the sides of the phone, and it extends a bit onto the back, especially at the bottom.The keyboard performs excellent, but feels a bit cheap.The color difference is huge; Verizon’s silver housing looks almost gaudy, whereas the Titanium finish gives the Curve a very sleek and modern look.The CDMA Curve 8330 brings some notable upgrades to the original GSM 8300 including a bump in memory, integrated GPS and most importantly high-speed EVDO data.

Other specifications remain the same, such as the 2 megapixel camera, micro SD expansion, 3.5 mm headphone jack and of course trackball navigation and that famous QWERTY keyboard.just cause is the same phone doesnt mean it will be the same experience! ~ hire some people that know there wireless carriers and there devices gissssss! give me a break if u people are going to give mediocre reviews!