Updating album artwork on ipod touch

26-Dec-2019 00:14

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Before surfing the Web terrorizing i Pod users just like you on specialized forums, make sure the corresponding function is activated. Perhaps, all you need is the quality answer to each of your questions. The device itself usually uploads just the artwork from the first song to come up with the cover flow as well as album views.

To do so, go to sync album and make sure there is a checkbox required to sync the album’s artwork. In other words, it may fail to show the album art from time to time, no matter whether you have one stored in i Tunes or no.

Thanks, Tim Hi: Newest version of MM and a new i Pod Classic.

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So i think that you can re-sync your pictures, and other stuff, everytime, after you sync your music with the Media Monkey. Hi: I had been working on updating artwork on my i Pod..hours spread out over a number of days.