Updating bios in xp

28-Jul-2020 04:35

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And don't scoot around on the carpet too much while doing it...... and you touch the PC case which happens to be totally insulated from ground (unplugged and sitting on a table), it will now have the same 1000 volt charge on it. Even if you move it, just be sure you touch the case only before you touch anything else. What matters is that the PC is grounded (plugged in to the outlet works just fine), and that any static on you is discharged (touching the power supply case or floppy or hard drive works if it's not painted), before moving the jumper. Now if you touch a jumper inside (while still holding on to the case), no damage will occur because your body, the PC, and the jumper all have the same 1000 volt charge.[text was edited by author 2002-01-02 ]Problem with that Frank, he needs to unplug the power supply so there is no power to the MB except the CMOS battery. You have to follow the directions exactly that come in the readme file with the updates. I think you've probably got enough info on your MB to go ahead and check Tyan's site for available updates. I can't remember if selecting "repair" like you did with the boot sector problem will fix that or not. I just finished reading the instructions 3 times over. Clearing the CMOS and why I need a Windows 98 Bootdisk (Even though I already have one.) Am I not allowed to do this in MS-DOS Mode (by restarting Windows 98 in DOS Mode)? Then the files you downloaded go on another formatted floppy.

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The computer is "dead" when their is no power being fed to it right? But should I worry about the fact that I'm on a carpet?

Refer to your MB manual for the location and exact time necessary.

You just put a jumper on the two pins for about 10 seconds while the computer is UNPLUGGED FROM THE WALL OUTLET.

Direct from a Microsoft Tech I helped with such an experience. As you can see, and I'll admit it, I'm pretty scared about this. You're just having too much fun lately Tornberry...;)There's an old saying about if it ain't broke....

:-/ My goal is to sucessfully update the BIOS without a reformat or a reinstallation. You can get BIOS upgrades directly from Tyan, they're the only MB manufacturer that directly supports end users.Many MOBO and peripheral device manuals will tell you to unplug the PC and touch the case. Failure to do so could lead to some nasty surprises for someone who is not an experienced tech....

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