Updating nokia 5800 firmware

22-Nov-2019 02:47

The software installation is available in all the international languages - chinese, french, italian, german, portuguese, spanish, russian, polish, dutch, croatian, malay, etc.

I read on Wikipedia that the Nokia 5800's latest offical firmware is 30.0.011, however the Nokia Software Updater tells me the latest firmware is 21.0.025, I have read that certain carriers limit the firmware to customers, is that the case for 3?

Plus Nokia is now advertising free Ovi Maps but you need at least FW 3.x to have it..

Is the only way to get this FW is to hack my phone?

If so, what are the risks/benefits, and can it all be fixed? The benefits are the improved faster OS response, some nice additions to the Home Screen (still only one though Nokia... ) Kinetic scrolling that works great, Ovi Maps with voice directions as you mentioned however the google maps app is still better though no voice.

You have to wait until 3 and Nokia release the updated branded firmware.

You can keep an eye on the latest software updates for specific product codes on this website: It's quite easy to do, I did it a few times on my N95 back in the day when they were all the rage.I have read that V30 offers noticable performance increases I am with Virgin.