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10-Nov-2019 00:04

Anvil Next powered the last two Assassin's Creeds, with mixed results (although Syndicate runs much better on PC than Unity).The latter's inclusion is practically essential for a multiplayer FPS so kudos there, Ubi.It appears to compare checksums of your local files with the cloud and will re-download any invalid files again.As to why the validation is happening automatically after updates download for these two games.Visit Stack Exchange For a few months now, Steam has been validating my files whenever I open it. What exactly is Steam doing when it says that it is validating files, and why does it need to do it so frequently?

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Whenever I try to launch CS: GO it launches (screen goes black for a sec) but then it nearly instantly closes by itself. My profile icon goes green, indicating I'm in-game but, just like the game, it goes back to blue in a second or so.If something goes whacky with your game, this sometimes fixes it.