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16-Jun-2020 17:05

Use the ' Connection Manager to get the path from the XML file Try Dim xmlr As Xml Reader = Xml Reader.

Compile() ' Try reading the XML file using the XSD.

If the files are independent documents validate them independently, for example with the action Validate selection.

If you access the files from an XSLT stylesheet with the document() function or as the XML input source of the transformation you must use an XSLT 2.0 schema aware processor to validate them when they are loaded by the stylesheet.

Select the xml file in the File Connection Manager Editor and repeat these steps for the XSD file (movies2.xsd) so that you have two Connection Managers named and movies2

Although the XML source component honors includes (and imports), the XML task doesn't. You can use a Script Task to validate your XML file against the XSD file. If no input is provided for the dtd_name and dtd_location parameters, the values for these are obtained from the through the dtd Name and dtd Location properties.If none of these are provided, the default values are assumed.Also you can apply to each selected file the scenario associated with it using the action Apply transformation scenario instead of Transform with ....

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The actions are explained in the User Manual (the list of 3 actions) before the beginning of the section Built-in transformation scenarios. Actually I'm satisfied with selecting the files in the project view and then choosing "Validate selection" - somehow I overlooked the "project"-feature, so thanks for pointing me to it. Is there a way of validating multiple file by just using XML and XSLT???The code is pretty simple but I’m a fan of hiding away any complexities so that I don’t have to think about them when I’m working on a project.