Var lib ntp drift not updating updating steam extracting package

28-Dec-2019 10:45

CM 5.2.1 The * by LOCAL means that's where time is actively coming from, correct? It however is using the correct NTP server (same as the "broken" one but it's actively using the NTP server defined). Is it necessary to consider that relationship in troubleshooting? Then I added a new secondary ntp server and in the network time sync, the secondary has the * and the primary has a symbol. I'm glad it's working now, but very strange that it stopped working. DNS nameserver is stored in /etc/If not defined, static IP must be used for file Sometimes the drift file needs to be corrected to 0.0 and ntpd service needs to be stopped and started to get the server time to sync.Remote Refid Stratum Type When Poll Reach Delay Offset Jitter ntp. Remote Refid Stratum Type When Poll Reach Delay Offset Jitter *ntp. I've seen numerous times that one server syncs from an external source, and then the duplex server syncs from the other server. You can modify the drift to 0.0 using vi but must be logged in as root or sroot. A reboot will restart services, and using web pages allows sudo in the background to stop and start ntpd.Run NTP on the base OS of the machine, and then have your various guest OSes take advantage of the good clock that is created on the system.

It uses User Datagram Protocol (UDP) on port number 123 for send and receive timestamps. It send and receive timestamps using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) on port number 123.

The server1 usually complete the batch jobs at then the server2 needs to run another job at based on the server1 job completion report. In this article, we are going to use the following setup to test this.

If both the system is using in a different time (if one system is ahead of the others, the others are behind that particular one) then we can’t perform this. There is no different packages for NTP server and NTP client since it’s a client/server model.

12.006 xcmb-or-XXXXX LOCAL(0) 11 u 56 64 376 0.229 4748.15 1.131 *LOCAL(0) LOCAL(0) 10 l 26 64 377 0.000 0.000 0.001 I know stratum 16 basically means it's not getting time from any source, but it should be coming from the ntp. We need to check these 2 NTP servers, but is there anything else in CM that could cause this?

I do believe the stratum according to the duplex server is lower than that of the server which is referencing an external NTP source. Check your drift file again and see if it is much closer to "0" now. NTP servers (2) are configured on the active & standby CM servers. The drift on my server says 74.740 (you say needs to be as close to 0.0 as possible). For the purposes of this discussion, how does a duplex server pair factor in? I removed the secondary (ntp.xxxx) name and the time corrected itself & the network time sync page updated.

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