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19-Oct-2019 18:53

Argentina commits to improve support services, raise awareness about existing laws and gather national statistics on violence against women The State of Argentina commits to take the following national measures to end violence against women.

It will establish a national hotline for victims of domestic violence, and consolidate gender mainstreaming in public policymaking.

The NAP has been updated in collaboration with the different stakeholders with new measures.

Belgium will stay committed to implement its action plan to end violence against women.

Under the Fourth State Programme on Combating Trafficking in Persons, Illegal Migration and Related Criminal Activities, Belarus will focus on prevention of trafficking in persons, prosecution of perpetrators and implementation of measures to ensure the fundamental right of victims of trafficking to live free of violence.

The State encourages women and girls, by means of its competent structures and on the basis of the promulgated legal framework, to denounce abuse and resort to justice for protection and reparation.

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think that the solution to women is to "wine-dine-flowers-be-the-perfect-gentleman" method. Women HATE men that pedestalize them; these men disgust them. Every action you take impacts both of these factors. Caring what other people think is a form of a MENTAL PRISON that leads to micro managing and limiting your behaviors because the perception of people watching may not be as positive as you would have liked.… continue reading »

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