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During this time, Malekpour rescinded his confessions in a letter he sent from prison that said that he was physically and psychologically tortured and was promised an immediate release if he gave a false confession.

The BGAN is a satellite technology operating over the Inmarsat worldwide network fine tune by Global TT for the Iran , Europe and Middle-East, delivered by us fully tested , fully secured fully operational ( hardware and satellite service access) Global TT is a Private satellite Teleport and satellite communication Earth Station located in Belgium Brussels offer Vsat satellite internet technology which is used in locations (as Iran) where a terrestrial Internet connection and/or voice access is not available, not reliable, not good enough, or for security/privacy reasons.This technology is perfect for short stay or back-up Usually the satellite VSAT i Fast in Iran is better for permanent base fixed station, where it is at least 50 times less expensive in usage and twice less expensive in investment than the Global TT BGAN, where the satellite BGAN is a little more expensive in term of investment but is usually in Iran much cheaper than the 3/4G cell phone and fully portable reliable, independent of the country you are, and extremely easy to set-up and use.