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If we were in charge of producing a Hollywood movie, we’ll definitely put Nina alongside Victoria Justice (because they look like sisters) in a set up with slighty less sex and more comedy, just because they could definitely pull it off.

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[The lesser-spotted DC Comics superheroes but hey, that’s so cool!

– ed.]Don’t forget to check out more exclusive celebrity Q&A’s with Sophie Ndaba, Cameron van der Burgh, Ashish Gangapersad, Wayne Parnell, Jo-Ann Strauss, Toya Delazy, Jack Parow, Liezel van der Westhuizen, Louise Carver, Leeanda Reddy and Pro Verb.

Smith creates a charming, unassuming, care-free, drily funny character so you see why Linda is attracted to him, but you don’t quite see why he likes her, other than the fact that everyone agrees she is pretty.

Each of the male characters get some sort of arc and by the end of the movie, they are just a little richer for having learnt something about themselves.

But poor Linda remains a cypher, just an object of affection to be attained.

The film starts with some appalling, stereotypically misogynistic behaviour from the guys at Linda’s workplace and you understand her initial stand-offish demeanour, but Uys never gives us a glimpse beneath the carefully cultivated, blandly vanilla persona of Linda.

Linda does broach the subject of her loneliness, as all her friends pair off, with her father (Kelfkens), whom everyone refers to as Kaptein – but then this idea is left dangling in the wind, as she moves on.Canadian model and actress Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian import catapulted to fame by two roles on “De Grassi: The Next Generation” and “The Vampire Diaries.” Her flawless accent is courtesy of moving to Toronto from Bulgaria at age two when her artist mom and computer geek dad emigrated to the U. Nina’s enthusiasm for all things creative—-dancing, gymnastics, music, theater and anything else that got her out of math class—-culminated in an undergraduate arts degree followed by a stint at Toronto’s Dean Armstrong Acting School.

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