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23-Oct-2020 17:43

Now the thing is, she claims now that it was all innocent and just one huge misunderstanding but this is just a disgusting display of behavior at best and down right criminal at worst!

Everything about this is disgusting and to make it worse, if it was some man going out with some young girl like this, no one would think it makes sense.

Their daughters have played together, and the time stamp on the pictures shows that they were hanging out weekly.

There is even proof that they spent two days together back to back!

Question, when you are a big time booty model, former tv love show contestant, video vixen and mother of two looking for love, where would be the obvious place that you would seek it?

Well if your name is Deelishis you might look for a 16 year old high school boy who himself is a father of a child!

The women were specifically chosen, possibly like Deelishis was.

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Dwight Howard was getting ran through the jungle for 2 photos none of which rivaled any of the ones done but this woman and this boy yet e was called all types of pedophiles so how is this woman escaping a watchful eye? Well, we first have to examine if there really is a relationship here or are we actually just slandering this woman’s name? They dug a grave in that yard and found out that Ms.