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06-Mar-2020 03:41

The Daily Mail reports: Lisa Raye claimed that old rumors about Nicole Murphy having an affair with Lisa’s ex-husband were ‘absolutely true’ when she spoke with TMZ on Wednesday.Earlier that day Nicole Murphy apologized for passionately kissing married director, Antoine Fuqua, in Italy last Saturday.In addition to movies, Mc Coy is also a part of dozens of music videos. Mc Coy also appeared in a TV show ‘The Proposal’ which is a reality dating series where she got engaged with Anthony only in an hour.Know Filter 2, Same Tempo, Last Chance, I Don’t Wanna See, Never Be The Same, Unpredictable, You Are in The Mood, Back Tight With You are some of the videos that come in the list. Apart from being in movies, Lisa Raye is also a great fashion designer.

She played roles in high school and churches during her young age in Chicago.

It looks like things are just starting to heat up with Nicole Murphy as her past as a “home wrecker” is starting to come to light.

A few day ago actress Lisa Raye hinted that Nicole Murphy also possibly wrecked her marriage to the Prime Minister of the Turks & Caicos, Michael Misick, in the late 200s.

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