Who is tabitha from salon takeover dating

04-Apr-2020 07:32

Tabatha arrived with nothing more than a suitcase and the notion that she might see a bit of the country. By the time she entered Bravo’s reality TV show, Shear Genius, she’d been running her own hair salon for more than seven years. Thank you for taking part, now off you go and have a lovely life.” That’s what I thought the conversation would be.

Though she didn’t win the TV contest, she ended up being named Fan Favourite, which was enough to prompt Bravo to offer Tabatha her own TV series. “They asked me to come into the office a few months after the series had finished. When they said they’d like to work with me on a show and discuss what it might look like, it took me less than a second to say yes.

Her show is back, but with a name change: Tabatha’s Salon Takeover is now Tabatha Takes Over. “This season I’m taking over non-salon businesses,” Tabatha tells me.

“We decided to change the format because of the number of people who reached out to me via email, or through social media, or by writing to Bravo, saying how much they needed some no-nonsense business advice, but who weren’t hairdressers.

Hairdressing is my skill and craft, but common-sense is relevant to any business.” It was Tabatha’s skill as a hair stylist that took her away from her native Australia to London, and the likes of Vidal Sassoon and Toni and Guy, at a relatively young age. “I can honestly never remember a time not doing hair,” she says.

“I was the quintessential kid, playing with and chopping off dolls’ hair.

At a young age they put me to work setting their wigs for them, which I loved.” “I learned not only how to set wigs, but also how hair could transform someone.

I felt like I was letting my staff and my clients down. So I made a decision in everyone’s best interests and sold the salon to one of my girls.I would play with the hair of anyone who would let me.