Why do men do sex chat

09-Dec-2019 22:01

It doesn't mean it's happening BUT it IS a possibility.Let's say you sleep with both guys a little too early and weeks later you find they're now blowing you off.You have enough great things going on in your life.Time is a strict and limited engagement of yours and you would rather not waste it.These TYPE ONE are considered the guys who actually sleep with or date the majority of ALL women. These guys meet a woman who likes them although they might not know why she does or even realize it's happening.A note which has never been proven but definitely observed and all too often hated by the next type: Women and their relationships with them have come primarily by accident, sometimes a little luck, and sometime pure coincidentally. If she pursues him AND if he feels a little attracted to her - he will "settle" comfortably and just take things as they come along. They won't know it's happening but they can invoke your attraction and interest.

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