Wireless stuck in validating identity

27-Oct-2020 15:58

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint aren't exactly the tech industry's best protectors of security and privacy.

The four major carriers were recently caught leaking the real-time location of most US cell phones. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), the carriers agreed to stop selling their mobile customers' location information to third-party data brokers.

In an increasingly common scenario, attackers impersonate the customer over the phone or in mobile retail stores in a bid to get the target's number transferred to a device they control.

When successful, these attacks—known as SIM swaps and mobile number port-out scams—allow thieves to intercept one-time authentication codes sent to a customer's mobile device via text message or automated phone call.

AT&T VP Johannes Jaskolski, who is managing the carriers' Project Verify consortium, told Krebs that the system will not centralize subscriber data into a multi-carrier database.

"We're not going to be aggregating and centralizing this subscriber data, which will remain with each carrier separately," Jaskolski said.

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It’s not secured, so data sent from your device to the wireless antenna could be snooped on by others.

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