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16-Sep-2019 14:56

There is no difference between a glutton and a stripper in God’s eyes – the glutton is just as much a sinner as the stripper.

We’ve made strippers to be worse than we are.” Adds Annie, “The sex industry is a game.

“I was in my 20s and making ,000 a week,” said Williams of her work as a madam. I mean, I needed a little help wanting to do that and knowing how to do that.” Williams moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 1996, in hopes of helping sex workers here.

But she was not welcomed by the cops, courts and nonprofit organizations, she said.

This is the price you pay for trying to help prostitutes in Las Vegas, says Jody Williams.

“There’s always an initial moment of intimidation,” said Williams, founder of the grass-roots group Trafficking and Prostitution Services.

In an effort to reach out to her friends and others that have followed her path into “The Game,” she founded an organization known as Hookers for Jesus.

She now devotes herself to full-time missionary work and helps others transition out of the sex industry.

Wish me luck so I can go #paperless with the Paperless Movement and @Apple!

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They ignored her or told her they weren’t interested in her help.

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This `grandmother cell' hypothesis was quickly discarded and replaced by the idea of a cell assembly, and generalizations of this idea persist to the present (Aertsen and M. This has led to an alternative proposal in which each individual spike train is presumed to arise, not as a result of random variation, but instead as a result of complex interactions between the individual neuron sampled and a host of other neural systems. Consideration must also be to paid to explaining how prior encodings are to be preserved in the face of subsequent learning. These new fields often persisted after the lights were turned on. When the cue card was changed from white to black, the place fields underwent a random rotation on the first trial, and then were completely different on subsequent trials. Thus even if the spike trains of individual neurons can be understood as an encoding of information which is being manipulated by this system, whether through rate or some other representation, it is still not possible to understand what information is being represented by that code without a knowledge of the immediate past and present context in which the animal is situated.… continue reading »

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